What to Expect at a Niki Jamieson Photography Photoshoot

Before the Photoshoot

Clothes: Based on the theme of your photo shoot (fall, Christmas, 1st birthday cake smash, newborn, etc…), you will want to do a bit of research on what to wear. NJP suggests that you head over to Pinterest and type in something like “Fall family photoshoot outfits” and substitute the theme that’s appropriate. Why recreate the wheel when so many have already done the hard work for you?!?!

If clothes research is not your thing, simply dress the family in blue jeans. Boys can wear polo shirts and girls can wear a patterned dress/jean jacket or pretty shirt with jeans. If you really are stumped, jeans and white t-shits for everyone!

Please iron your clothes before you come. I’m an expert at Photoshop and can correct minor wrinkles, but massive wrinkles take hours to correct and will be left as is.

Props: You are free to use any props that belong to NJP. If you have a special prop that you want in the pictures, please bring it. Don’t expect that it will be on hand.

Chill out or get creative: Now that you’ve gone shopping for your coordinated outfits and props, you can just chill and wait for the photo shoot or be creative and share with me a Pinterest board with poses you would like to try on your photo shoot day. Either is fine.

Day of the photo shoot: It’s always better to leave early and arrive early than arrive late. Depending on timing, your session may get cut short.

Happy & Relaxed: It’s my job to make everyone comfortable so they are enjoying themselves during the shoot. REAL SMILES ARE BEST!

After the Photoshoot

Once the photo shoot has ended, the photos will be posted on Dropbox within 7 days and you will be notified. Dropbox is an incredible tool for sharing and reviewing large file sizes and is very easy to use. (read further for a Dropbox cheat-sheet)

I will send you an invitation from Dropbox. Once you click on the link, follow the prompts to create your profile. It’s free as long as you stay under the storage quota, which I promise will happen.

Once you’ve created your profile and you open Dropbox, you’ll see your contract sitting there along with 3 folders: All, Keepers and Edited.

  • “All” folder contains all of the photos directly from the camera roll unedited or slightly edited.
  • “Keepers” folder are what I consider the BEST of the bunch. They are unedited or lightly edited. This is the folder where you should put the images you’d like for me to edit based on the package you’ve chosen. Feel free to add or delete anything in this folder. Shoot me a text when you’ve made you final picks and are ready for me to edit them.
  • “Edited” folder is where you will find the edited photos you chose. Feel free to share this folder with any friends and family as these files are large in size and cannot always be emailed easily.

Dropbox Cheat sheet: To Move , delete or download images, select the photo by checking the box next to it. Once you’ve selected a file, 5 buttons will appear at the top “Open, Download, Move, Copy and …”. Click the button associated with the action you’d like to complete and follow the prompts from there.

If you mess it up, it’s OK. I have a complete copy of everything on my computer. No big deal, just let me know.

From Dropbox to Computer: My suggestion is that you download the photos to a folder on your computer and upload them to which ever online printing business you choose. If the place you choose does NOT have a way to upload them, copy them from the folder on your computer onto a Flash Drive and you can physically bring it to the print shop.

Printing: There are lots of options for printing depending on how much you want to spend on quality. If you are a local resident, Hunts Photo in Melrose is THE best place to get top-notch, high-quality photos printed. They do not batch process and care for each print that they process. If you want to make photobooks, get prints or make gifts inexpensively, Shutterfly is a great option. They batch process and it’s not perfect…but it great for the money. I use it and 8 out of 10 projects are great.

IMPORTANT FYI: The Dropbox photos in the Edited folder are high resolution and print-quality. Use these for printing. Do not use the photos from Facebook or the Niki Jamieson Photography Website to print. They are low resolution and for web use only. They are not print-quality photos.

Referrals: Please consider me for family photos as you move through the milestones of your life. Should you decide to *refer a friend, you can earn 10% off of your own session. Refer two friends, you get 20% off (etc). So technically, you could get a free session if you refer 10 friends.

*Refer a Friend – Friend must book and pay for session.

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