Before the Photoshoot

Clothes: Based on the theme of your photo shoot (fall, Christmas, 1st birthday cake smash, newborn, etc…), you will want to do a bit of research on what to wear. NJP suggests that you head over to Pinterest and type in something like “Fall family photoshoot outfits” and substitute the theme that’s appropriate. Why recreate the wheel when so many have already done the hard work for you?!?!

If clothes research is not your thing, simply dress the family in blue jeans. Boys can wear polo shirts and girls can wear a patterned dress/jean jacket or pretty shirt with jeans. If you really are stumped, jeans and white t-shits for everyone!

Please iron your clothes before you come. I’m an expert at Photoshop and can correct minor wrinkles, but massive wrinkles take hours to correct and will be left as is.

Props: You are free to use any props that belong to NJP. If you have a special prop that you want in the pictures, please bring it. Don’t expect that it will be on hand.

Chill out or get creative: Now that you’ve gone shopping for your coordinated outfits and props, you can just chill and wait for the photo shoot or be creative and share with me a Pinterest board with poses you would like to try on your photo shoot day. Either is fine.

Day of the photo shoot: It’s always better to leave early and arrive early than arrive late. Depending on timing, your session may get cut short.

Happy & Relaxed: It’s my job to make everyone comfortable so they are enjoying themselves during the shoot. REAL SMILES ARE BEST!

During the Photoshoot

Just reiterating...Happy & Relaxed: It’s my job to make everyone comfortable so they are enjoying themselves during the shoot. REAL SMILES ARE BEST!

I will ease you into the session and make you feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible. I'll have easy, fun poses for you that will look natural for you and your group.

If there are children in the group, I have a bag of tricks up my sleeve that typically makes even the toughest little critic smile. Should the little one be resistant to my silliness, I may ask a parent to help me. Please come prepared to bust out the video, toy or thing that always gets a laugh.

Parent's sometimes get nervous that the photo shoot will not turn out well if a little one isn't feeling very smiley that day. Please don't fret. An unhappy parent makes an unhappy family. We will do our best with what we have and capture the best of what is happening during that shoot. (I also have some Photoshop tricks up my sleeve that might help in post production editing).

After the Photoshoot

Your photos will be available for viewing within 7-10 business days. I will send you a link where you can view your photos on ShootProof. Your photos will be in a secure gallery that only you can see. You will be able to download the digital files to your computer and you will also have options to buy prints. Should you choose to print the photos with ShootProof, you will get high-quality, gorgeous prints. If you decide to take your digital files and print them with another service, you are free to do so.

Referrals: Please consider me for family photos as you move through the milestones of your life. Should you decide to *refer a friend, you can earn 10% off of your own session. Refer two friends, you get 20% off (etc). So technically, you could get a free session if you refer 10 friends.

*Refer a Friend - Friend must book and pay for session.

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