New Born Photos

So, I Love Babies...

When you choose to have your sweet little nugget photographed with NJP, you get more than you bargained — I love babies! You can be a part of the session with your family or you can sit back and relax (even take a nap haha) while your tiny one is photographed with the utmost care and safety.

During Covid times, the space will be cleaned thoroughly and I will be masked and gloved during the whole photoshoot. At this time, only mama and baby can be present in the studio where as, in non-covid times, other family members are welcome.

Preparing for your Photoshoot
If you are a creative mama and want to share a Pinterest board of adorable newborn photos you love, look up Niki Jamieson and I’ll be able to see your vision! Otherwise, you can sit back, relax and I’ll take care of the rest.

Setting the Tone
I haven’t met a newborn on a feeding/sleep schedule yet, so feel free to pick a time that seems to be best for baby. Optimally, baby should be fed and changed before arriving to ensure a comfortable environment conducive with sleeping. A very warm studio with white noise playing when you arrive, so mama should dress in layers to stay comfortable.

When you Arrive
I usually have 3 scenes set up before baby arrives to take advantage of the entire time slot. Adorable outfits, wraps and headbands are available for baby to use as well. Should you have any special props you’d like to incorporate into your shoot, please feel free to bring them.

During the Photshoot
Mom can be a part of the phtoshoot or sit back and just watch. Baby will be treated with the utmost care/safety and only moved for outfit changes and scenery changes. Otherwise baby will be left to sleep in the comfy scenes set up before your arrival.

After your Photoshoot
I typically review all of the images and post the best ones on Dropbox, a secure user-friendly photo-sharing website, for you to review. From there, you will pick your favorites, based on the package we discussed, and I will edit them within 7-10 days. If you aren’t familiar with this process, I am happy to walk you through it and show you how to navigate on your own.

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