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Mini-Sessions & Custom Packages

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Photo Packages:
Photography packages are available for head shots, newborns, cake-smashes, parties, family photos, and more at custom rates. Please contact NJP describing your photo occasion and you will receive a custom package that includes everything you want. To get the ball rolling, 1 Contact NJP with the details of your photo occasion. Once we’ve discussed your package, date and time, please make your full payment via 2 Venmo and fill out the 3 Registration form.


Photography packages are available at custom rates. Please contact NJP describing your photo occasion.


If you’ve already spoken to NJP and received your custom package details, please Venmo the entire amount to secure your photo shoot.


If you’ve already Venmo-ed the entire amount to NJP, please fill out this registration form to confirm your package.

Sports Photos & Newborn Puppy Photos

Each photo is $25 – includes high resolution (print quality) digital file good for *personal use.

Go to my Niki Jamieson Venmo page.

Please Venmo the full amount and the file name(s) of the photo(s). You can get the file name by right clicking on the image and clicking “Save As”.

You’ll receive the digital images within 7-10 business days of receiving your payment by email or Dropbox (depends on the file size).

*By receiving this image you agree to use the images for personal use. If you want enter an agreement where money is exchanged for a photo, please contact Niki Jamieson first.

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