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A little story while you wait...All the puppies started out with free-reign at the beginning of the photoshoot until every picture I got was of a blurry wall and ceiling because one (or two or three or four) of them would grab the camera strap and pull or bump their hard little heads on the bottom of the camera trying to kiss my face just as I was about to take the photo.

So, they were put back into the pen. One little guy yelled at me continuously to express his anger at not being able to kiss me. Another kept giving me the saddest puppy-dog-eyes I've ever seen! Yes, I pick him up and hugged him...several times (little bugga). OMGodness, I love them so much!!

TESTIMONIAL: Had my first session with Niki recently and it was a blast! I got 3 of my best friends together and we enjoyed lots of laughter and fun! I am so grateful for the dedication Niki has to getting such amazing shots! I want to have 100 more sessions with her!!
Taylor Hobart
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